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Rufous Bettong

Rufous Bettong (Aepyprymnus rufescens)

Aepyprymnus rufescens


Body length 38 cm; tail length 36 cm; weight 3 kg. Very small wallaby with long claws and silvery-ginger fur; blunt face; white (to off-white) tail; long thin hind legs.

Habitat and Range:

Dry open forest with a dense grassy ground cover (blady, kangaroo, wiregrass etc). Now rare and probably found only in the south-west of this book’s geographic limits (recently recorded from North McLean). Coastal and central Qld from Palmer River to north-eastern NSW.


Nocturnal, usually solitary. Builds a grassy nest under tussock and carries nesting material curled in its tail. Similar to Long-nosed Potoroo.


Dogs and cats.


Droppings are the shape and size of a pea, or more oval (17 mm long by 10 mm at widest point).

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