Archaeological assessment of the Burke and Wills Plant Camp
Research project to investigate claims that a remote, western Central Queensland archaeological site is Burke and Wills Camp 46R, the 'Plant Camp'.
Topics: Cultures and Histories, Archaeology

Biodiversity and genetic relatedness of internal parasites of coral reef fishes collected under the CReefs program
Research project on the internal parasites of Australian coral reef fishes on the Great Barrier Reef and Ningaloo Reef, with assessment of their biodiversity and genetic relatedness.
Topics: Biodiversity, Parasites, Protozoans, Worms

Discover more about Australia’s biodiversity…
Queensland Museum is a partner in the Atlas of Living Australia, a collaborative, national project focused on making information about Australia’s biodiversity more accessible and useable online.
Topic: Biodiversity

Marine Life of the Kimberley Region
The Marine Life of the Kimberley Region Project is a three-year marine biodiversity research program. The project will explore the marine biodiversity of the inshore Kimberley and associated continental shelf coral atolls.
Topic: Biodiversity

Outback giants
Amazing new discoveries in outback Queensland herald a new age for Australian dinosaur hunters, a so-called dinosaur 'rush'. Australia's dinosaur fossil record is poorly known and is considered by overseas palaeontologists to be devoid of new discoveries.
Topic: Geosciences, Palaeontology, Dinosaurs, Fossils

Pacific, Islanders, Queensland and Collections
Research project on the multiple and varied connections between Pacific peoples' identities and Queensland through Queensland Museum Collections.
Topic: Cultures and Histories, Pacific cultures

Queensland Historical Atlas
Research project synthesising cross-disciplinary approaches in history, environmental studies, archaeology, anthropology and cultural geography to explore 'themes in the landscape' as a means to comprehend the diverse cultural and environmental histories of the State of Queensland.
Topic: Cultures and Histories

Revealing climate change impacts on reef
Queensland Museum's research into corals that live below the 30 metre mark is revealing some tantalising evidence about the impacts of climate change on Great Barrier Reef.
Topic: Biodiversity

Revision of the shallow-water marine families of the Asellota (Crustacea: Isopoda) of tropical and sub-tropical Australia
Research project describing new species and genera, and revising genera and families, or shallow-water Asellota (Crustacea: Isopoda) of northern Australia.
Topic: Biodiversity, Crustaceans

Taxonomy of tropical Australian Octocorallia (Anthozoa: Coelenterata) primarily from the Census of Marine Life 'CReefs' expeditions
Research project documenting and describing an existing collection of morphospecies of octocorals and undertaking new collections of octocorals of Queensland and tropical Australasia.
Topic: Biodiversity, Sessile Marine Invertebrates, Corals, 

The influence of dispersal, landscape structure and catastrophic disturbance on the genetic diversity and structure of artesian spring snail populations
Research project on the endemic invertebrates of the artesian spring ecosystem of arid central Australia.
Topic: Biodiversity, Molecular Biology, Molluscs

Unearthing the secrets of Queensland's megafauna
Researchers from the Queensland Museum are undertaking groundbreaking research to reveal the secrets of megafauna fossils recently unearthed in central Queensland.
Topic: Geosciences, Palaeontology, Megafauna