Zoology Data Search

The Queensland Museum holds a significant electronic database associated with its zoological collections. This database includes taxonomic and locality data for living and fossil faunas throughout Queensland as well as other areas in the Indo-west Pacific. This database can be searched and the data provided to you for specific purposes to which you agree by accepting these Terms and Conditions. Only areas between two latitudes and longitudes (in degrees and minutes) can be searched. We are unable to search for rare or threatened species only, unless you provide a list of species, nor can we indicate the status of species listed in the search result. Search results are e-mailed to the person nominated below in an ASCII tab-delimited file. Output coordinates are in degrees and minutes and the datum AGD66 is used.

Fees: $50 per search or 33c per record, whichever is greater. A search is ONE of the animal groups listed below from ONE area. Once the search results have been sent to you, an invoice will follow detailing methods of payment. We are happy to supply quotes before sending the data, if required.

To access the information, fill in the form below and click the Submit my Data Request button.

NOTE: The Data Search Request Form is currently unavailable.

QM contacts, for further information
Terrestrial Vertebrates:
Amphibians and Reptiles: Andrew Amey Phone: 07 3153 4430
Birds and Mammals: Heather Janetzki Phone: 07 3153 4426
Fish: Jeff Johnson Phone: 07 3153 4431
Crustacea: Darryl Potter Phone: 07 3153 4435
General Fax No.: 07 3846 1226