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Textiles (woven, knotted, knitted, crocheted or pressed fabrics) are a vital part of the way we live in Queensland. Fabrics make up the clothes we wear everyday, the bedding we sleep in, the upholstery that covers our furniture, and the curtains that hang at our windows.

Early colonial textiles and textile products were strongly influenced by English ideals, but it was not long before a distinctive Queensland style began to emerge. We began to make our own fabrics and to alter our clothes and furnishings to suit our climate and way of life, creating a long and proud tradition of textile creation and design.

Queensland Museum charts this history of ingenuity, skill and innovation through its collections, which include the first locally made cotton fabric, as well as items from local dressmakers and fabric designers, and samples of home-made handcrafts.

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Turn of the century women’s fashion
Turn of the century women’s fashion

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