Online exhibitions

Queensland Museum has started to develop online exhibitions to extend the reach of our physical exhibitions and collections to a much wider audience. 

Leichhardt: A Scientist in a Strange Land

Leichhardt: A Scientist in a Strange Land

2013 marks the 200th birthday of Prussian naturalist Ludwig Leichhardt, who spent 6 years exploring the Australian continent. In 1848, Leichhardt began his expedition to cross Australia from east to west. He and his party were never seen again.

Awakening: Stories from the Torres Strait

Awakening: Stories from the Torres Strait online exhibition

"'Awakening' brings together the past, present and the future."

To Torres Strait Islanders, objects are imbued with the spirituality of their creator and the wisdom of ancestors. 'Awakening' seeks to reconnect the spirit between people and their objects, allowing them to communicate once more.

The Torres Strait is home to a strong, vibrant, living culture that is thousands of years old. 'Awakening' explores aspects of this rich and diverse culture through objects of extraordinary beauty and significance from the Queensland Museum’s extensive Torres Strait Island collection. We hope that awakening these objects will shine a light on culture and custom of Torres Strait Islanders today.