Queensland Museum Medal

The Queensland Museum Medal recognises individuals who have made a major contribution to research, collections, community projects, partnerships and engagement or other work carried out for the benefit of Queensland Museum Network.  

Established in 1987, the Queensland Museum Medal is awarded annually at the discretion of the Board of the Queensland Museum.

Previous medallists include the conservationist Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin; the Elliott family of Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum; the first Chief Executive Officer of Queensland Rail Mr Vince O’Rourke AM, esteemed land surveyor Mr Bill Kitson and a host of internationally recognised scientists of Queensland Museum Network, past and present.  

A full list is available here.


Nominations for Queensland Museum Medal 2021 open on 18 May 2021 and close on 30 July 2021. Winners will be announced by December 2021.   

Each nomination will be subject to a merit-based assessment based on the following equally weighted criteria:  

  1. Contribution to Queensland Museum Network 
  2. Impact in the wider community 
  3. Excellence in their field 

To make a nomination, complete and submit a nomination form before the closing date.



What is the Queensland Museum Medal? The Queensland Museum Medal (the Medal) recognises those who have made a major contribution to Queensland Museum Network through activities including, but not limited to, natural and cultural heritage research; collection acquisition, conservation and protection; exhibition and public programming; and community engagement.   

When is it awarded? Traditionally, the Medal is awarded annually to one nominee, however, this is at the discretion of the Board of the Queensland Museum (the Board).  If the quality of nominations received for any one period is deemed by the Board to be incommensurate with the stature and reputation of the Medal, it will not be bestowed.  

Who is eligible? The Medal is open to all members of the community including staff, volunteers and board members (past and present) of Queensland Museum Network.  Nominees can be individuals, family groups or teams. The Medal cannot be awarded multiple times to the same individual.  Nominees do not have to be Australian citizens, however, there is an expectation that their w benefits Queensland Museum Network, and by extension, Queenslanders.  The Medal can be awarded posthumously.  A full list of Medallists is available here.

What are the criteria? Nominations are assessed on merit attributed to three equally weighted criteria:  contribution to Queensland Museum Network; excellence in their field; impact in the wider community.  Contact information for up to three referees with a thorough knowledge of the nominees work performance and conduct are required.  

How do I make a nomination? Complete and submit the online nomination form in full on or before the closing date. 

Can individuals be re-nominated?  Yes. Due to the prestigious nature of the Medal the number of nominations received in any one year far exceeds the number awarded. Re-nominating individuals nominated, but unsuccessful, in previous years is encouraged.  The Medal cannot be awarded multiple times to the same individual.  

When do nominations open? Queensland Museum Network will make a public announcement advising when nominations are open and the nomination period. Applications received outside the nomination period will be accepted at the discretion of the Board.     

How are nominations considered? A working group is convened to conduct a merit-based assessment process. The working group must ensure awardees are representative of the community through age, gender and ethnic diversity. After considering the nominations, the working group recommends a list of proposed recipients to the Board, who have the authority to bestow the Medal.  

What does the Medal look like?  The design of the Medal varies from year to year. It has included a traditional nickel-silver medal and commissions by Queensland artists and designers. All Medallists receive a framed citation.  


For more information on making a nomination for the Queensland Museum medal, contact:

Office of the Chief Executive Officer 
Queensland Museum Network 
Phone: 3153 7838