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A new species of Lerista (Scincidae) from central Queensland


A new species of Lerista (Scincidae) from central Queensland


Amey, A.P., Kutt, A.S. & Hutchinson, M.


Amey, A.P., Kutt, A.S. & Hutchinson, M. 2005 01 10: A new species of Lerista (Scincidae) from central Queensland. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 50(2): 125-131. Brisbane. ISSN 0079-8835.

Date published

10 January 2005


https://doi.org/10.1082/j.2204-1478.50-2.2005.2005.02 (277 KB) pdf document icon


Lerista, skink, new species, desert uplands, central Queensland


Lerista chordae sp. nov. from the Desert Uplands Bioregion of central Queensland is a small skink with tetradactyl limbs and a moveable eyelid. It is readily distinguished from its congeners by the combination of fore-limb only 35-52% of hind-limb length; 2 phalanges and 3 subdigital lamellae on the 4th finger; ear aperture similar size or smaller than nostril; normally 20 midbody scale rows; four lines of dark flecks on dorsum; an ill-defined dark dorsolateral zone encompassing two half-scale widths only; an immaculate white vent and tail pale yellow in spirit. The new species occurs in open Eucalyptus woodlands characterized by very sandy soils and a sparse to dense ground cover of spinifex or other tussock grasses. The morphologically similar species Lerista quadrivincula, known from a single specimen, is redescribed.