Flood objects and stories

21 March 2011

Do you have items that relate to the 2010 -2011 Queensland floods disaster and its aftermath?

Queensland Museum is collecting stories, objects and photographs that will preserve this significant historical event for future generations.

Queensland Museum Curator Jo Besley said museums had a responsibility to sensitively preserve our collective memory of shared catastrophic events.

“Although many people are still reeling from the recent events, it is important for us, as a community, to document the experience people went through,” Ms Besley said.

“This will be an emotional time for everyone, especially when we are asking people to relive the experience by telling us their story and donating personal items that are the tangible scars of the floods.

“However the stories and accompanying objects will paint an evocative picture for future generations and in time to come, may give affected communities an opportunity to heal and rebuild their own history.”

Examples of items include posters and flyers for fundraising events, ‘Mud Army’ t-shirts, instructions for volunteers, items from evacuation centres, damaged household items and wearable tokens of commemoration.

“Items that symbolise loss, great courage and community spirit will help us to tell this important Queensland story,” Ms Besley said.

“The Museum is honoured to be in a position to share these experiences and is committed to treating each story and object with great sensitivity and respect.”

To share your flood experience or donate objects, contact the Queensland Museum via email on flood2011@qm.qld.gov.au or look for us at facebook.com/QueenslandMuseum

Brisbane Floods 2011 - a small display featuring images and stories of Brisbane’s flood-prone past alongside documentation of the devastating 2011 flood event is now on display at Queensland Museum South Bank until Sunday 27 March.

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