Ensuring equal opportunity for all Queenslanders

For some students, a trip to the museum is absolutely impossible. They are not hindered by illness or injury - they are hindered by distance.

Queensland Museum Loans overcomes this tyranny of distance. Available from 30 distribution centres across Queensland - from Coolangatta to Cooktown - and accessed by more than 800,000 students each year, Queensland Museum Loans is the largest museum lending service in Australia. Borrowers can learn from the real thing, be it megafauna fossils, a Torres Strait Islander Headdress, pinned insects, taxidermied animals or the letters of a World War One Digger to his sweetheart. Each self-contained resource combines real artefacts and specimens with photographs, stories and supporting materials to bring the National Curriculum to life through object-based learning. 

With your help, we will continue to ensure that students in regional Queensland have access to the same resources as those in the city.

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