Unearthing Queensland's fascinating fossil record

Unlocking the secrets of Australia’s past and the origins of our modern animals and plants isn’t only about the big stuff.

Some fossils are so tiny that they can only be studied using specialised microscopes. These microfossils are an equally important part of our prehistory. Recent discoveries of vast fossil deposits across central and southern Queensland have revealed millions of highly significant microfossils trapped in ancient sediment formed over the last 50 million years. Sites at South Walker Creek, Capricorn Caves, and the Brisbane suburb of Geebung have the potential to yield significant new insights into the history of life in Queensland.

Previous support of this project has resulted in six extra microscope workstations being established at our Hendra research facility, enabling Geosciences staff, with the help of our team of volunteers, to sort and identify material found at the various sites.

With your help, our palaeontologists will continue their work to fill the missing link in worldwide knowledge – uncovering what happened in Australia after the dinosaurs and before megafauna.

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