Unlocking the mystery of disease outbreak

The Queensland Museum Network holds Australia’s most comprehensive mosquito collection.  Comprised of more than 24,000 specimens from 81 countries, this collection has been painstakingly studied by world-renowned mosquito experts for decades.

Mosquitos from Asia and the Pacific are known carriers of dengue fever and the Ross River and Barmah Forest viruses.  The knowledge contained within our mosquito collection - which animals they feed on, where they live, when they breed and how they behave – provides information critical in pinpointing the source of outbreaks and ultimately preventing the spread of disease. 

Previous support of this project has enabled the Entomology team to increase capacity to research specimens and upload the data onto our databases and, from there, to the web - making this invaluable resource freely available to other researchers.

With your help, the Queensland Museum Network will continue to play a pivotal role in the worldwide battle against mosquito borne diseases.

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