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For over 156 years the Queensland Museum Network has been recording and sharing stories that matter to Queenslanders.

Sometimes these stories take years to reveal themselves. Sometimes the artefacts we need to bring the stories to life are a bit worse for wear. Sometimes we need to do a little more - a little more research, a little more preparation, or a little more digging - to uncover the real story. 

While we’d love to take care of everything ourselves, we are only partially funded by the State Government, and so we rely on support from people like you to help us continue to tell important stories. 

Whether it’s unearthing Queensland’s fascinating fossil record, remembering the legacies of World War One, deciphering the link between mosquitos and disease outbreak or ensuring regional Queenslanders can access premier learning resources – we are sure to have a project that will interest you.  

Get involved in one of our projects by giving to the Queensland Museum Foundation

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Here are some projects that might interest you:

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With your support, we will continue to bring all of Queensland’s great stories to life.