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Supporting the Foundation is a generous act that creates a lasting legacy for all Queenslanders.

We extend our sincerest thanks to those who have supported Queensland Museum Network projects.

Corporate Supporters

The Corporate Club

Shell's QGC project
Ergon Energy and Energex part of the Energy Queensland Group
Tourism and Events Queensland

Corporate Governor

DB Schenker Australia
CS Energy
Hitachi Australia

Individual Supporters

The Coxen Club

Estate of the late Mrs Vera Thiess


Clive and Conchita Armitage


Clive Berghofer AM

The late Mr Keith Ross


Phil Creaser
The late Mr William Summers Moore-Hohenzollern
Paul and Susan Taylor


Mr John Reid AO and Ms Lynn Rainbow Reid AM
Frank and Sybil Wippell
R.J. Dumke
Tim Forrester
Ashby Utting


Anonymous x 3
The Albrecht Foundation
Eugenia Arrate
Candice Badinski
Rodney Barnard
Jonathan Blocksidge
Hugh Botting
Susan Bradshaw
Theresa Bint
James Browne
Lesley Bryant
Bruce Butler
Robert Callow
Nicole Claxton
Peter Collins
Richard Coulson
Yu Dai
Anne Dalton
Chantel Delany
C. Demnar
Leanne De Souza
Nadine Dwyer
Michaela Evans
Daniel Feeney
Robin Tremlett Francis
Barton Froben
Peter Gibbs
Peter J. Green
Dr Krispin Hajkowicz and Dr Sarah Martin
Julia Hazel
Robin Hazeldine
Pam Hewson
Tara Horner
Marianne King
Stacey King
Peter Lambert
Rachel Leung
Joan Liesegang
Paul Marangelli
Rodney and Catherine Mason
Dan McCabe
Dana McCown
Dominic McGann
Stacey McLean
John McTernan
Roger Moody
Christopher Muir
Susanne Nelles
John William Norton
John O'Hagen
Graham Palmer
Alan Rix
Nicole Scharf
Sabine Schleicher
Lisa Schofield
Patricia Searle
Samantha Searle
Noela Shepherd
C.L. Smith
Katherine Smith
Sommerville House
Roderick Stirling AM
Yiping Su
Margaret Templeman
Rodney Thorburn
Gerald Thurnwald
Mark and Deborah Tranter
Julia Waters
Margaret Williams
In Memory of Deniss Reeves
Joan Bryan
Helen Gilmour
Barney Hines
Francis Hines
Harry Hines
Mike and Judy Hines
Peter Hines
Gabrielle McKee
Patricia Woolcock

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