Cultural gifts

Cultural gifts include paintings, books, sculptures, manuscripts, jewellery, ceramics, technological, mechanical, scientific and social history collections.

The State Collection is filled with artefacts and specimens generously donated by private individuals – photographs by pioneering geologist Richard Daintree, swimwear by iconic bikini-mogul Paula Stafford and the beautifully delicate FP & AP Dodd collection of tropical insects.

The Federal Government’s Cultural Gifts Program provides tax incentives encouraging Australians to donate culturally significant items from private collections to public art galleries, museums, libraries and archives.

In focus: The Langley Diving Collection

Augustus Siebe helmet The Augustus Siebe helmet donated to the State Collection by Greg and Helen Langley under the Federal Government’s Cultural Gifts Program.In 2008 Abalone fisherman Greg Langley and his wife Helen donated their collection of heritage diving equipment to the Queensland Museum Network through the Federal Government’s Cultural Gifts Program. 

Two years later, the Langley’s made a further Cultural Gift to the Queensland Museum – an exceedingly rare Augustus Siebe closed diving helmet. 

Mr Langley chose to gift his collection to the Queensland Museum Network because it is the only place in Australia able to care for the entire collection in perpetuity.

“When the Augustus Siebe helmet became available, I knew that by purchasing it and then gifting it to the Queensland Museum Network it would be cared for with the respect it demands and displayed along with its history and significance for the benefit of future generations.” 

The generosity of individuals such Greg and Helen Langley ensure that the State Collection continues to tell stories of our past, present and future.




How to make a cultural gift

Cultural gifts to the Queensland Museum are accepted in accordance with our Cultural Gift Guidelines (38 KB) pdf document icon.

Potential donors are invited to contact the Queensland Museum Foundation on +61 7 3842 9392 or email to discuss your intentions as the first step in the gifting process.