New experiences

Every year, the Queensland Museum Network delivers an ambitious program of arts, culture and science experiences to spark challenging conversations and inspire new ideas.

This program includes home-grown and international exhibitions, public lecture series and events. 

World Science Festival Brisbane 

World Science Festival explores and celebrates the entanglement of science and art through a curated program of thought-provoking conversations, inspiring theatrical and cinematic experiences, interactive workshops and engaging demonstrations.

Queensland Museum Network has secured the exclusive licence to host World Science Festival in the Asia Pacific from 2016-21. The only global extension of this hugely popular initiative, World Science Festival Brisbane reinforces Queensland Museum’s position as a leader in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education and engagement. 

World Science Festival Brisbane 2019 is presented by Queensland Museum with generous support from Queensland Government and the Festival partners. Read more about World Science Festival Brisbane


Wild State

With the generous support of Presenting Partner BHP, the spectacular Wild State gallery at Queensland Museum continues to be incredibly popular with audiences of all ages and has become a priority destination for international visitors.

This immersive gallery takes visitors through five breathtaking environments — the arid outback, iconic eucalypt forest, tropical rainforest, sun-drenched
coastal zones and teeming marine environments.

The gallery content is based on QMN’s world-class biodiversity research and features thousands of real specimens framed by spectacular images that are showcased with advanced projection solutions supplied by Wild State Technology Partner, Hitachi Australia.

Read more about Wild State


Lost Creatures: Stories from Ancient Queensland

Lost Creatures exhibition

Hidden beneath Queensland’s dry river beds and in our ancient rocks are secrets from the past 250 million years.

Lost Creatures: Stories from Ancient Queensland, a permanent exhibition at the Queensland Museum, unravels the mysteries of ancient Queensland through the lens of extinction and evolution.

An epic story of the struggle for survival in times of cataclysmic change, Lost Creatures brings ground-breaking palaeontological research to life on a grand scale through unparalleled access to fascinating fossils and cutting-edge digital technology. 

Lost Creatures: Stories from Ancient Queensland was funded by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and received support from a three-year partnership between the Queensland Museum Network and BHP Billiton Mitsui Coal (BMC).

Read more about Lost Creatures