Essential partnerships: Energex

Partnership continues giving to Queensland Community

The longstanding partnership between the Queensland Museum Network and Energex demonstrates the outstanding potential that can be realised when two organisations with deep Queensland roots work together to achieve shared goals that support an educated and engaged community across the State. Between Energex Playasaurus Place, the Megawatt exhibition at the Sciencentre and The Workshops Rail Museum, National Science Week 2011, and the Energy for Life Discovery Centre at Cobb+Co. Museum, we have reached over 10 million people with our shared commitment to discovery, education and sustainability.

Energex and Queensland Museum together strive to create awareness and understanding through compelling experiences that are underpinned by real objects and specimens. Energex is a proud supporter of the Anzac Legacy Gallery, due to open at Queensland Museum in late 2018. The new gallery will use objects from the Queensland Museum collection, including the A7V Sturmpanzerwagen, Mephisto, to examine the First World War and its legacies in Queensland.

Whether looking for a place to reflect, a place to learn or a place to play, visitors to Queensland Museum will enjoy and appreciate these iconic spaces for many years to come. Thanks to the ongoing support of our valued partner, Energex.