Corporate partnerships

A partnership with the Queensland Museum Network is an excellent investment.

Our state wide network brings people together and connects communities, contributing to a collective sense of wellbeing.

Our collections, research and exhibitions allow us to tell stories that anchor us to our past, make sense of the present and navigate the future.

A partnership with the Queensland Museum Network has the potential to:

  • Deliver unique marketing and cross promotional opportunities.
  • Strengthen brand awareness through association with the Queensland Museum Network: a credible organisation known for 157 years of excellence. 
  • Motivate, inspire and reward staff, clients or stakeholders with money-can’t-buy opportunities. 
  • Demonstrate corporate and industry leadership through active support of a respected cultural and scientific icon.
  • Host events, networking and product launches in unique surroundings.

Corporate partnership opportunities are developed and managed by the Queensland Museum Foundation. 

Our dedicated team works closely with partners to develop opportunities that fulfill key business objectives, and most importantly, create and enhance social cohesiveness in communities. Our relationships with BHP, Shell's QGC Project, Energy Queensland and Tourism and Events Queensland are examples of our multifaceted approach to partnerships.

The Queensland Museum Foundation has been named state winners in the Creative Partnership Awards (formerly AbaF Awards) which recognise best practice partnerships between business and arts institutions, demonstrating our commitment to creating mutually beneficial, rewarding relationships.

To discuss ways to develop mutually beneficial partnerships, contact the Queensland Museum Foundation on +61 7 3842 9392 or email

For more information about World Science Festival Brisbane partnership opportunities, please visit their website