Strategic Collection Management

Policies and procedures

The Queensland Museum Network (QMN) has been collecting natural and cultural heritage material since its inception as the Queensland Philosophical Society in 1862. This material evidence of Queensland’s natural and cultural heritage is the primary resource used by QMN. QMN strives to achieve and maintain the highest possible standards of excellence in preserving, studying and communicating the record of the natural and cultural resources of Queensland, its surrounding waters and near neighbours. QMN is responsible for preserving the Collections and making them accessible to present and future generations. The following documents are used by staff at QMN to assist in that process by providing standards and consistency across QMN for the selection, acquisition, preservation, use and documentation of objects and specimens in the Collections, and for Disposal if necessary.

Collection Policy

Due Diligence


Deposition of Archaeology Collections


Outward Loans

Inward Loans


Handling Hazards in the Collection