Corporate information

Our Vision 

To be a valued and trusted network that creates authentic and compelling experiences, connects real objects and contemporary research with communities and tells stories that inspire, enrich and empower.

Our Purpose

A Queensland museum network of museums without borders that inspires curiosity to connect the past, make sense of the present and help navigate the future in our communities, classrooms and online.

Strategic Plan 2019-2023

The Board of the Queensland Museum Strategic Plan 2019–2023 sets out the following strategic objectives: 

  • Manage Queensland Museum Network (QMN) collections to meet international standards and optimise access and use in research, public programs and learning.
  • Deliver compelling and relevant experiences that maximise the opportunities for engagement and learning. 
  • Deliver high quality original research which informs exhibitions and public programs and addresses state and national priorities. 
  • Create a sustainable business model by investing in QMN’s products, services, facilities, infrastructure and partnerships. 
  • Build a capable and engaged workforce ensuring a rewarding, innovative and high performing workplace culture. 

Access to corporate information 

The Queensland Government’s Right to Information approach makes it easier for you to access corporate and governance information about us. This includes information about our policies, codes of conduct, financial records, correspondence, registers, and documents relating to some government decisions.

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